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MCoE and Battle Lab demonstrate smart technologies for combat


The Maneuver Center of Excellence and Maneuver Battle Lab have come together to create a new technology which allows a rocket launched explosive to be launched in 30 seconds, all with the touch of a button on a tablet embedded in a soldier's uniform.

Soldiers demonstrated the new equipment today at the McKenna Military training area on Fort Benning.

SFC Dustin Wheeland, a Platoon Leader, says, "Because I'm old fashioned, I've done the old map-reading methods, the old down and dirty, in the dirt, shoot, move, communicate. Some of this stuff, it enhances it, but at the same time you have a whole new learning curve. So, as long as the proper training, and the proper information comes with these to get us to that level, then these technologies will help us out in the future."  

The smartphone and tablet apps can be used to coordinate airstrikes with 100 percent precision.

More than a dozen other technologies were on display, and are meant to make soldiers more lethal and effective, without hindering their movement on the battlefield.

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