How will the looming Government Shutdown affect you?

How will the looming Government Shutdown affect you?

The showdown over the looming government shutdown has some federal workers on edge.  Congress has just over a week to strike a deal or the United States will face yet another fiscal cliff.

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The last time the US Government experienced a complete shutdown was during the 1990s when President Bill Clinton was in office.

CSU Political Science professor Tom Dolan said he remembers the political divide that cost the country $1.4 billion.

"You had a major shake-up in Congress, it made a lot of people angry and the Republican Party suffered at the next election," said Dolan.

Dolan also added it's a big problem for workers who will not get those government paychecks. Local businesses will also be affected: restaurants, gas stations and grocery stores will feel an immediate impact as those worker spend fewer dollars in the community.

We reached out to Fort Benning, but they declined to comment.

If the government shutdown happens, CNN has come up with 10 ways that the move would affect your daily life:

• National Parks will be closed

• Some federal workers get to stay home from work

• Men and women in uniform will continue to keep you safe but will get an IOU instead of a paycheck

• You will still pay taxes.

• The mail man will still stop by every day except on Sunday.

• Obamacare will continue

• Gun permits will come to a halt

• If you're planning on buying a house, you'll have to wait on federal loans

• Social Security checks are likely to continue

• No trash pick-up in Washington, DC

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