Auburn residents vote "no" in special school tax election

Auburn residents vote "no" in special school tax election

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Unofficial results for the nine mill property tax increase are in and Auburn residents will not have to pay more next year.

It was a somber mood at City Hall when Auburn City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Karen DeLano, announced that property taxes would not increase from 54 mills to 63 mills.

DeLano made the announcement just after Ward One votes were given.

She became emotional saying the City did all it could to try to persuade Auburn residents to vote yes.

Wednesday, she will begin to figure out what to do next in helping the problem of overcrowding in Auburn City schools.

"I am worried about the children. I've been worried about the children ever since before I took this job. This growth is detrimental to their education and we've got to work for what we have to provide for the children," explains DeLano.

The tax would have raised an additional $8.5 million dollars a year to provide construction costs to the new high school and renovations to existing buildings.

DeLano says the next step will to look at cutting different areas paid for by local funds and then she will make recommendations to the school board on how to progress from this point.

Special Municipal School Tax Election Results:

Ward 1- For: 34% Against: 66%

Ward 2- For: 48% Against: 52%

Ward 3 and 4- For: 42% Against: 58%

Ward 5 and 6- For: 50% Against: 50%

Ward 7 and 8- For: 46% Against: 54%

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