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Armed intruders shoot 66-year-old man, take nothing from apartment


The 66-year-old victim tells detectives that he's never seen his attackers before today.   Nothing was taken from his home after he was shot, and police are exploring all possibilities, including whether this may have been a case of mistaken identity.  

Repairmen at the Holly Park Apartments are replacing a door, patching bullet holes in the walls, and cleaning blood off the carpet from an early morning home invasion.  

Emergency dispatchers got the call just before 1:30 a.m. from a resident who said he was shot in the arm while standing in his own bedroom. The victim was not home when we visited his address on Saint Mary's Road, but one man spoke to him about his ordeal shortly after he was released from the hospital.  

"They didn't give him time to say hello or what, they just busted the lock open and went in. He looks out his bedroom door, and his arm was sticking out, so they shot him in the arm," said apartment repairman, Sam Glover.

So far the motive for this crime is unclear. The older man described his attackers to police as two men who were less than half his age. They didn't steal anything from his apartment and the victim says he's never seen them before. The people who know the victim said there's no clear reason why someone would attack him.

"He stays to himself and nobody bothers him.   It's just random violence. There's a lot of young kids running around here doing stuff that they're not supposed to be doing," said Glover. 

Among the possible theories for why this crime occurred, police are wondering whether these gunmen were looking for a different target, and broke into the wrong person's apartment.

None of the neighbors in the area wanted to speak to us on camera, but they tell me the victim is a man who is well-respected and wouldn't be involved in anything that would bring this type of violence to his door. Detectives need your help finding the suspects and you're encouraged to call them if you have information.

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