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Columbus couple faces judge on trafficking large amounts of Methamphentamines


The Columbus Police Departments Special Operations Unit has taken more than $130,000 worth of Methamphetamines off the streets.

 A couple they claim is responsible for the nearly three pounds of Meth along with other drugs made their first appearance in court Monday morning.

On September 28, Special Ops knew when and where 38-year-old Bradford Ford would make his next sale, according to officer testimony.  

"We also received the information that he was going to be driving a white Nissan Altima which was a rental car," Columbus Police Department Cpl. Vince Dragnett.

Corporal Vince Dragnett testified a "very reliable source" told police Ford was heading to the Airport Thruway Walmart to with drugs in his car. Investigators report it wasn't long before a K-9 unit sniffed out the drugs.

"Police located a tan plastic shopping bag which was on the front passenger seat," Cpl. Dragnett said. "Inside of the tan shopping bag was approximately 41 grams of suspected Meth with a street value of $14,100."

Investigators also report Ford had one gram of Meth in his pocket. Cpl. Dragnett testified Ford confessed he went to the Walmart to sell five ounces of Meth for $6,000.

Dragnett said Ford told him he had a large amount of Meth and money at the home he shares with his girlfriend, 31-year-old Jessica Parsons and his parents.

Investigators served a search warrant at the home located on Edgewater Drive in North Columbus around 2 a.m. to search for drugs.

Cpl. Dragnett reports finding Parsons, Fords' parents and two minors inside the home asleep.

"Ms. Parsons made a statement and said that she threw it in one of the trash cans in the backyard when he failed to answer his cellphone," Dragnett claimed.

Investigators testified Ford told Parson's if he didn't answer his cellphone after a certain amount of time she was to get rid of the drugs.

Parsons is being charged alongside Ford with trafficking Meth, possession of a controlled substance and drug related objects.

Both pleaded guilty on several serious drug charges but changed their plea to not guilty moments before the hearing.

Police allegedly found a black plastic bag containing a plethora of drugs and paraphernalia including:

  •  3 orange prescription pill bottles containing Methamphetamines
  • An envelope containing "several" syringes and a spoon
  • An orange plastic container with Meth residue
  • A green plastic container containing Meth
  • A plastic Plano container containing two bags of Meth and 37 orange Hydrocodone pills.
  • A large Ziploc bag containing Meth
  • A white box with two bags of Meth inside
  • A Ziploc back with 14 yellow Hydrocodone pills
  • An digital scale
  • Several empty clear plastic bags
  • An assortment of pills
  • Large amount of saran wrapped Meth
  • Five $1 bills with Meth residue on them

"The total amount of Meth found in the black bag 1,192 grams which is right at 2.6 lbs. The street value is $119, 220," Cpl. Dragnett testified.

Investigators also report finding nearly $26,000, a syringe, Testosterone, suspected synthetic marijuana, a scale, and possible Meth residue in the bedroom Ford shared with Parsons.

Cpl. Dragnett said Ford confessed to owning the drugs and using the money to purchase more drugs.

Due to the large amount of Meth found at the residence Judge Michael Cielinski could not set a bond on the Trafficking charge. Although Ford's attorney, Michael Garner requested Judge Cielinski not set a bond but to forward Ford's case to Superior Court, a $101,000 bond was set on the other two charges.

After the hearing we asked Garner why he did not want a bond to be set on the case, Garner told News Leader 9 exclusively that Judge Cielinski sets unfair, "excessive bond amounts." Garner said usually a bond of $5,000 would be set for a drug possession charge not $100,000.

Police report they have been investigating Ford for quite a while before finally busting him.  The couple is being held without bond at the Muscogee County jail. The case will head to Superior Court.

Investigators said Ford's parents had no clue he and his girlfriend were stashing such a large amount of drugs in their home.

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