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Rep. Sewell: GOP had chance to avert shutdown, preferred brinkmanship

Rep. Terri Sewell Rep. Terri Sewell

Congresswoman Terri A. Sewell released the following statement about the pending Government Shutdown:

"Once again House Republicans are putting partisan politics ahead of the needs of the American people. The GOP had a chance to avert the government shutdown but chose political brinkmanship over responsible compromise. In order to avoid the shutdown, the Senate sent the House a compromise spending bill that accepted the GOP's lower funding levels. Instead of allowing a vote on this clean Continuing Resolution, House Republicans once again attached unreasonable amendments which had no hope of gaining bi-partisan support. Enough is enough! We cannot continue playing ping pong with the well-being of the American people.

A government shutdown will have a devastating impact on my constituents in Alabama's 7th Congressional District and citizens across the nation, depriving millions of Americans of vital services and costing American taxpayers an estimated $150 million a day. Families on food stamps and kids who benefit from the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) programs will go hungry. Over 17,000 children in Alabama will be affected by immediate cuts to the Head Start Program. Many government offices across this country will close and the more than 43,000 federal workers in Alabama could be affected. Our national economy should not be held hostage to partisan games.

Our constituents sent us to Congress to be better than this. I urge my colleagues in Congress to end these dangerous games and pass a clean Continuing Resolution that will keep the doors of the federal government open. Our constituents deserve nothing less!"

Representative Sewell is scheduled for an interview with WSFA 12 News' morning show, Today In Alabama, Tuesday morning.

STATEMENT SOURCE: Rep. Terri Sewell's Press Office

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