First black students to enroll at Auburn commemorated

First black students to enroll at Auburn commemorated

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Two men who made history at Auburn University spoke to students on Oct. 1 about their experiences.

Anthony Lee and Willie Wyatt Jr. were the first African-American undergraduate students to enroll at Auburn, and Lee was the first African-American to complete all four undergraduate years and graduate from the university in 1968.

They both were also instrumental in integrating Macon Co. schools in 1964.

"I hope the students will understand what happened in the past and understand what they walked into today as far as being able to come to Auburn University or any other university that has a past history of non-participants from a black standpoint. They will know somebody has to be first, somebody had to give up blood in order to get here," says Wyatt Jr.

The event was part of the university's commemoration of 50 years of integration at Auburn.

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