Keep Columbus Beautiful Commission Shoe Recycling Campaign needs your donations

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Did you know that each year more than 350 million pair of shoes are tossed in our landfills for a resting place? Also, did you know that it takes about 1,000 years for most shoes to decompose?

The Keep Columbus Beautiful Commission is excited about launching the first community-wide Shoe Recycling Campaign.

Goals of the campaign are to divert 30,000 or more pairs of shoes from our landfill, reuse them by sending them to developing countries and raise funds to support the Commission's programs and projects. This campaign not only confirms their commitment to promoting environmental stewardship; it will also allow us to demonstrate good will towards others in need.

Dr. Cleo Griswould, Committee Co-Chair is spearheading the recycling partnership with area public & private schools. Other Commissioners will be reaching out to businesses, civic organizations and churches to collect shoes.

They are asking participating groups who gather shoes to consolidate them in large black trash bags containing 25 pairs each. Their goal is to collect 1,200 bags of shoes (25 pair of men, women or children's shoes in each bag).

Shoes that are collected by all of these groups can be dropped off at the Columbus Consolidated Government Recycling Warehouse # 25 located on 22nd Avenue (off Victory Drive directly across from Dolly Madison) from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on October 1 and 15, and November 1 and 15.

They need your help to make this campaign a success!

Tips for a successful school shoe recycling campaign:

  • Secure a space in the school to collect shoes.
  • Encourage a friendly competition between grades or classrooms. Winner gets a pizza party or other type of reward!
  • Ask Partners-In-Education to assist in collecting shoes.
  • Kick off the shoe drive during an all-school event such as a Science Fair, Talent Show, or PTA (encourage individuals attending to bring shoes to support the campaign).
  • Add an element of fun /curiosity to the shoe drive.
  • Teacher may also encourage students to weigh the bags or individual shoes.
  • Put 25 pairs of any style shoe in a 30 or 33 gallon trash bag (KCBC will supply the bags, if needed).

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