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CSU professor weighs in on local impact of government shutdown


 In Columbus, experts are weighing in on the impact this partial government shutdown will have – especially if the shutdown extends for several days.

As we all know, both Republicans and Democrats continue the political blame game for the government shutdown.

But in the Fountain City, people are worried about the impact the situation will have on their lives.   

Dr. Tom Dolan, a political science professor and department chair at Columbus State University, tells us how bad things can get if the shutdown lasts for a longer period of time. 

"The authorization for the government to spend money has run out, that's why they can't get paid," said Dr. Dolan. "People won't be going out shopping…a lot of the activities that we expect to carry out won't get done not because the government shut themselves down but because lots of people are going to be unsure of when they are going to get their paychecks."

The mail will continue to come, and social security checks will be paid. But using federal loans, getting gun permits or passports won't be possible right now.

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