Recent graduates honor The Infantryman

Recent graduates honor The Infantryman

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - New York has the Statue of Liberty, South Dakota has Mt. Rushmore, and Ft. Benning has a sculpture dedicated to the foot soldier. You've probably seen it before in front of the National Infantry Museum, but do you know what it's called?

The work is officially titled "The Infantryman", and it's been around for decades. The statue goes by other names like "Iron Mike" and the "Follow Me" sculpture.

Regardless of the name, it represents the true spirit of the army's foot soldier.

Carol Brooks is the mother of a soldier who just graduated. The troops have gathered for the dedication of the plaque, detailing the history of the statue that stands outside the National Infantry Museum.

"I didn't know what an Infantryman meant. I didn't know what that meant at all, and I've learned a lot about that. I'm very proud," she says.

Each troop member was in training for 14 weeks and spent 98 days away from their loved ones.

"It started off very hard in the beginning, and you miss your family and stuff a whole bunch. And you really want to see them all the time...but...and we made it through the 14 weeks," says recent graduate Pvt. Darryl Dobbins.

So what do veteran's think about it?

Steven McClaflin is a retired command Sergeant Major. He spent 28 years in the Army.

"The statue always represented the iconic symbol of a squad leader leading his soldiers forward into battle," he says.

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