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Couple faces consequences of government shutdown

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As the government shutdown continues, local families who depend on federal paychecks are wondering how they're going to pay the bills if the stalemate in Washington lasts for weeks or longer. 

David Baker just retired from the Army earlier this year, and since then, he and his wife Sarah have been counting on the money they receive on the first of every month to pay for essentials like their mortgage.

And according to the Bakers, even if the government comes to a resolution by the end of the month, it's not soon enough, because those paychecks get sent out on the 21.  The delay is set to throw off the entire process, and that's not all

"I have prescriptions that are due on Friday that I have to get filled on Friday," said Sarah. "And, with Martin Army being military and furloughed, I'm not going to be able to get those filled."

"Everybody else who works for the government, they're feeling the heat," said David. "But a Senator that averages $175,000 a year, where's his hardship? Where's the President's hardship?"

David wishes he could challenge the politicians about their jobs falling in the "essential" category if they allowed things to get to this point.

The last time the government shut down like this, it lasted for three full weeks.  Some people were out of a job for that entire period.  This time around, there's nothing to say it won't take longer. 

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