Exclusive Preview of News at 6 & 11

Happy Friday! This is Jason Dennis in the WTVM newsroom. Here's what we are working on for the news at 6 and 11...

Expect some big changes along the riverwalk in the Fountain City. Stay tuned to learn when the 14th street bridge is set to open and hear about a new expansion.

Capitol police now say the woman who led a chase and fired gunshots in the nation's capitol on Thursday has a history of mental illness. We talked to a local doctor about postpartum depression and what warning signs to watch out for.

On day four of this government shutdown, we're learning about some freebies in our area for military who don't have a commissary for now, and non-essential workers who are out of a job.


We'll also tell you more on a hospital merger in East Alabama, impacting thousands of patients and a nursing home. Find out if there will be any changes to the hospital's name and location.

Also, yours truly and other WTVM employees in tonight's Flash Night Run, starting in Columbus and crossing the state line. See the glow-in-the-dark event and more on what it benefits.


Tell your friends, then join us for these stories and more tonight at 6 and 11!

See ya then,

 Jason Dennis

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