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Chattahoochee Valley businesses offer deals during Federal shutdown

The Commissary at Fort Benning has been closed since Wednesday. The Commissary at Fort Benning has been closed since Wednesday.

The Federal government shutdown continues with no end in sight as the President and lawmakers try to resolve their differences, but a few local businesses are stepping up to help out in these difficult times.

Government employees across the country, including many civilian workers at Fort Benning, have just finished a fourth day of furlough.   In places like Washington D.C., local business is trying to help out.  The President and Vice-President had lunch at a sandwich shop that is offering 10% off to the people who are without jobs due to the shutdown.  And a couple places right here in Columbus are following suit. Sam's Club is letting people in without a membership.

"All they have to do is come in and show their military ID, and it's no problem at all.  They can do as much shopping as they would like to," said manager, Andre Zanders.

"It's really hard for a lot of military families.   I know we have friends who, the husband is the only one who is in, and the commissary saves them a lot of money.   And with that being closed, I know they were really freaked out," said shopper, Caitlyn Robarge.

Zanders added, "Sam's Club has taken a stance, and we're committed to making a strong effort to allow our non-members to come in and do their shopping with us.   We will continue to do that until the military is back up and running." 

At Carl Gregory Hyundai, furloughed Federal workers can now furlough their car payments.

"People have been working day and night, and now suddenly, they're sitting at home doing nothing- just waiting for mercy from the government," said Mustafa King, a soldier shopping for a car. 

The general manager at Carl Gregory Hyundai says, "They won't even have a car payment until January. It's something we're real proud of.   We want to take care of our government employees.  Especially being right here at Fort Benning." 

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