WTVM 10/5/13 Editorial: Government shutdown and the debt ceiling

(WTVM) - It doesn't matter what your political party is, there is a good chance that you may be disgusted with Washington's dysfunction.

First the shutdown began. Now, another crisis is here: The debt ceiling.

Simply put, the President needs Congress to approve a higher borrowing limit so our nation's bills can be paid.

The US Government routinely prints new money to cover debts. Imagine if you could do that. Imagine if you could call your credit card company, and ask to have them increase your credit limit because you need to borrow more so you can spend more. You might hear the credit card company laughing right before they hang up.

The bottom line is that the responsible use of credit should not just be applied to consumers. The federal government needs to spend less money, manage debt better, and live by the same economic rules the rest of us live by.

The debt ceiling may need to be raised one last time so the economy doesn't get worse, but there is no reason it has to keep happening.

Tell your congressman to put an end to the vicious cycle of borrowing to spend more than we can afford.

We should all demand that the government plays by the same rules we do. We have to cut our expenses if those expenses are more than we can pay.

Unlike the government, regular people just can't put their hand out for more money.

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