Ft. Benning, DOD, recall most furloughed civilian employees

(WTVM) - The Department of Defense is expected to bring back hundreds of thousands of civilian workers furloughed because of the government shutdown.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says employees will be asked to return beginning next week.

He also says the law allows the DOD to eliminate furloughs for employees whose responsibilities contribute to the morale, well-being and readiness of service members.

Just hours before the announcement made on Saturday, the House passed a bill providing back pay to federal workers who were furloughed.

There is no word on when the Senate might vote on that bill.

Ft. Benning also recalled nearly 1,000 civilian employees back to work based on the Pay Our Military Act, which Congress passed and the President signed hours before the Sept. 30 shutdown.

Read that full press release here.

The Commissary at Ft. Benning is also open again, but with limited stock as they await shipments.

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