Auburn police search for suspects involved in car break-ins

While the stands were packed at the Auburn University football game Saturday evening, more than a dozen cars parked on Gay Street, Glenn Avenue and College Street were damaged and burglarized.

"Everything from purses to personal items to electronics, debit and credit cards, those items were taken from the vehicles," explains Captain Lorenza Dorsey of the Auburn Police Division.

Police captured surveillance photos of multiple suspects and now need the public's help in identifying them.

"One of the suspects, or a couple of the suspects used the credit cards at some on the local shopping areas and we were able to capture them on video," says Dorsey.

The cars were parked in lots of closed businesses with no attendees, making them easy targets.

"I've definitely learned my lesson," says Auburn resident, Kristen Terry, who has had her vehicle broken into before.

Now when she attends a game day on the plains, she takes all necessary precautions.

"I always park in a well lit area and I never really bring anything with me and I always keep my doors locked," states Terry.

While it may be impossible to totally prevent a car break in, there are several ways to prevent you from becoming an easy target.

For example, lock your doors and place items that may look attractive to thieves in your trunk before arriving at your destination.

Although these tips may seem like no-brainers, it could mean the difference to falling victim to thieves like these.

"If you have to utilize other parking areas, utilize areas that are well lit and that has public access so traffic and police can patrol those areas," says Dorsey.

If you recognize any of the individuals in the photographs, contact the Auburn Police Division at 334-501-3140 or the Tip Line 334-246-1391.

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