Absolutely Alabama: Wright Dairy

(WXTX) - You probably wouldn't think that anything that comes from a drive-thru could be considered high quality.

Well, we take a visit to a farm where going through the drive-thru means getting things at their very freshest -- and you can bet it's Absolutely Alabama.

A famous man was once quoted as saying there aren't many of us left but the ones who are here aren't faint-hearted. He could have been talking about the Alabama dairy farmer.

"Alabama's a hard place to produce milk because of the humidity and kind a harsh climate that we have in the summer time," said David Wright with Wright Dairy. "And, ah, we have a lot of milk that comes in from other parts a the country where they can produce it cheaper and send it in here and that's been the trend and it's just sort of eroded our price down here to where, ah, ah it's not worth it for a lot of people to do that anymore."

It's still worth it for David Wright. He's been at it awhile.

"I got into it on my own about 1974 and I've been in it ever since," Wright said.

So the few remaining dairy operations in the state have to find a way. David provides the one commodity which is increasingly hard to find: fresh milk. Really fresh milk.

"We can produce the milk really from the ground up," said Wright. "We specialize in grazing and so we graze the cows every day that we possibly can and then we from there we take it on one step further and bottle it on the farm and because we have a farm store kind of in the middle of things we can take it from the bottling straight to the customer."

"We don't homogenize either so this is called Cream-Line Milk and the cream will come up to the top of that gallon jug will have a nice layer of cream in there and lot of people say well I just buy the whole milk cause I pour that off for my coffee in the mornin' and then they can drink the rest of it might be one or two per cent, you know? [The cream] actually does rise to the top."

David also relies on another increasingly scarce commodity: customer service.

"We have a drive-through window and lot a people like to come in here and they just they can scoot in, scoot out, mothers with kids people that might be handicapped so that's been real popular," David said.

So whether it's milk or real butter you need to pick up on the way home, you'll find it fresh, but on a hot summer day nothing is more popular than the ice cream.

"We've sold a lot of strawberry and actually it was on the 100 dishes to eat in Alabama before you die," said David.

Cheese, fresh or aged is another offering straight from David's own refrigeration facility right out back of the store.

"It's fast milk now and it's so fast that we can actually milk the cows in the morning, have it bottled and start sellin' the milk before 12 o'clock so we say that's so fast the cow hadn't even missed it yet," David said.

Some people say we live in a fast food world. I don't know if that's good or bad but a fast milk world? I'd say that would be a good thing.

Milk so fresh the cow hasn't even missed it yet, and it's Absolutely Alabama.

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