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WTVM 60th Anniversary: Meet the viewers

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As we continue to celebrate 60 years of WTVM, we now turn the attention to our viewers.

It goes without saying that viewers have their own reasons for watching News Leader Nine. Many watch for content. Others, for entertainment?

"Okay, y'all got the prettiest anchors, uh TV anchors in there man. Y'all got some of the prettiest female anchors," says Mosi Wells.

Good answer, as they would say on Family Feud. 

Some watch at work, like employees and patients at Dr. Edward Smith's Dentist Office.      

"People don't like coming to the dentist, so anything we can do to distract them and make it more pleasant, we're definitely going to try to do it," says Dr. Smith.

Then, there are those who've been loyal fans forever. It's pretty easy to find someone who has been watching WTVM for 10, 20, maybe even 30 years. What about someone who's been with us since the beginning?

"I've been watching WTVM since its inception, 1953," says Butch Jordan. He was just a child when his family got their first television 60 years ago--the same year we signed on as WDAK TV.

"It was a big box, little bitty tube, little bitty picture," says Jordan. "We all lay on the floor, pallets and pillows, and all that stuff to watch TV. You know the selection we had when we first got the TV, black & white. You dialed it in. Then, somebody had to stand there and get the fuzz out of it. That was my job for awhile." 

Rhonda Eysel tells a similar story, and she grew up in the 70s.

"I remember my parents coming home from work and the first thing they would do is make a pot of coffee, and then have me go over and stand next to the television set," recalls Eysel of the days before remote controls. "I would have to stand there, and turn the station, the channel for them to channel 10, WTVM, and adjust the rabbit ears to make sure they had a clear signal."   

Jordan's entire family still follows News Leader Nine, including his 14-year old granddaughter Katie. She's a big fan of WTVM's sports coverage.

"They're more accurate normally. They have better facts about the different teams and stuff. So I trust them more than I trust other stations," Katie says.

Trust what attracts her grandfather to the station.

"I think y'all just go in-depth and really detail these stories, good and bad, of course. You present it so we understand it. It's not biased. It's straight up, here it is," remarks Butch.  

Of course, there are other ways to enjoy our product. "When I can't watch the news on TV, then of course, I go to the WTVM app on my iPhone, so I use that a lot throughout the day," says Eysel.  

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