Tuskegee-Morehouse Football Classic kicks off this Saturday

(WTVM) - It's considered the granddaddy of all classics. The Tuskegee-Morehouse Football Classic kicks off this Saturday at 2 p.m. A.J. McClung Memorial Stadium in Columbus.

This year marks the 78th meeting between the Golden Tigers of Tuskegee University and the Maroon Tigers of Morehouse College. They played for the first time in Columbus in 1936.

"It's a time to see a lot of friends I've gone to school with over the years at Tuskegee, also from Morehouse. It's a time to fellowship," said Tuskegee graduate Judge Michael Bellamy.

WTVM's Cheryl Renee got to emcee the media briefing ahead of the big game. It was a time to meet the coaches from Morehouse College and Tuskegee University and learn a little something about their gameday strategy.

This weekend isn't just a competition between football teams; it's a party with a purpose – raising money for scholarships.

"It's always a great feeling to take a check to Morehouse College  and Tuskegee University to help support their athletic programs, their scholarship programs, to make sure that the students that come from our area get some sort of financial considerations from what we do here," said Morehouse graduate Dr. Howard Willis.

The Classic typically generates between $35,000 and $50,000 for both Tuskegee and Morehouse to be used for scholarships and financial support for the schools.

If you're interested in the classic, the parade is Saturday at 9 a.m. starting at Broad and Dillingham Streets.

Advanced tickets are $20, game day $25 and children under 12 are $12.50.

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