ATRIP invests $30 million into Lee Co. infrastructure

State and local governments are working together to ensure the safety of citizens as the drive to school, work and home.

ATRIP, the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program, is putting $1.2 billion into county and city transportation networks around the state, and of that $30 million into Lee County.

"The local governments are putting in another $7.7 million for a total investment of the Lee County area of almost $38 million into transportation infrastructure," explains Lee County Engineer, Justin Hardee.

Governor Robert Bentley established ATRIP in 2012 to help local governments fund necessary road and bridge improvements.

Auburn, Opelika and Lee County have been awarded funds for a total of 34 local projects.

One project, the resurfacing of Lee Road 240, is already complete.

"The federal money also comes sometimes with strings attached. This frees up local dollars to go on roads that will not meet those requirements. So we're able to do even more then just the impact of ATRIP program by freeing up out local dollars," says Hardee.

Officials say the statewide project will have a multi-billion dollar impact on Alabama's economy and generate more than 15,000 jobs.

"The money that is coming from the state and also the local match," says Alabama Speaker of the House, Mike Hubbard, "Not only does it mean better infrastructure for Lee County, it also means jobs and that what we are really concentrating on, creating jobs and making our economy grow."

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