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Woman allegedly kidnapped in Columbus, held captive for days


Grabbed off the street, beaten, and held against her will.  A woman said that is what happened to her when she was walking through an intersection in the Dawson Estates neighborhood of Columbus, Tuesday.  

According to the 25-old victim, it was about 3 p.m. when she was stuffed in a car and driven to an unknown address somewhere in Bunker Hill and she didn't escape until Thursday morning.  

Police officers met the woman in the emergency room of St. Francis Hospital just before noon, Thursday, where she was treated for injuries she sustained during the attack.   She told police the kidnappers stole her iPhone worth $500.00 and left her with a black eye.  

But none of the people who live near the corner of Cleveland Street and Longshore Drive said they've ever met the victim before.  The notion that a woman could be forcefully kidnapped off the street during the daytime, without anyone hearing it, leaves them feeling incredulous.  Everyone approached by news cameras Friday was learning about the incident for the first time.

"I've lived here on Cleveland Street for approximately ten years and we never have any excitement over here.   Nothing ever happens because everyone is either working or they're retired, but we look out for each other in the neighborhood.   But, I'm really shocked.   You're telling me that someone was kidnapped right here?" asked Carolyn Harris.  

When News Leader Nine tried to reach the victim today to hear the story straight from her mouth, she was nowhere to be found. We learned that she doesn't live near the crime scene because she is homeless.  We're told she's known to frequent locations on Second Avenue and the Riverwalk (places that are at least a seven mile driving distance from the kidnapping scene) but she was not at any of those places either.

Few details are accessible to the public in the police report, and there is no explanation given for why she was walking through Dawson Estates to begin with.  However, the report does mention that the accused kidnappers are people who the victim has met before, so this was not a random act.  

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