WTVM 10/11/13 Editorial: Government shutdown impact

WTVM 10/11/13 Editorial: Government shutdown impact

(WTVM) - Many of us learned that one of the worst effects of the government shutdown was the denial of immediate death benefits to families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan - among them, were three who trained at Fort Benning.

After citizens expressed outrage, the Pentagon got help from the non-profit Fisher House Foundation to restore the $100,000 death benefits to each military family.

The government will pay the foundation back when the shutdown ends…but the real cost is not just in dollars.

Families suffering the ultimate loss also felt abandoned by the government their loved ones protected so bravely.

The inability of the White House and Congress to get together to solve the shutdown seems especially petty when viewed through the eyes of the real people living with the effects of the shutdown-emotional and financial.

For instance, the tourism industry that depends on national park visitors are losing millions they can never recoup because the government won't allow any park visitors.

Even if the shutdown ends soon, hard feelings and hard positions on both sides will continue to hurt our economy.  This is no way to do the people's business.

Congress and the president should take a lesson from small business owners who know they need to act decisively, make smart financial decisions and keep customers happy to succeed.

Why is it that when it comes to the government, those three things are often at the bottom of the list?

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