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Locals affected by EBT failures


People nationwide who have welfare benefits are having trouble using their EBT cards, even right here in Savannah.

There has been a lot of speculation that this was a result of the government shutdown but we've been told that it is not the case but it is a result of a computer glitch.

WTOC spoke to Kroger, Dollar General, and Wal-Mart stores in Savannah and they say they are having issues. One store manager told WTOC, he hear it was a technical issue that is impacting customers.

 WTOC learned from one of our sister stations that an employee at a Huntsville, Alabama Wal-Mart said she had been told a power outage related to the EBT system was the reason that the cards were not working.  

Shoppers use these cards like debit cards and everyone WTOC spoke to is unable to buy groceries. Several people have gone from store to store desperately trying to get their card to work.

 WTOC spoke to one man who says if it's not fixed soon, he and his family might go hungry.

"So if your freezer is empty like mine and I only got a five pound bag of chicken in there and I got to cook and provide for my wife because like I said she is one hundred percent disabled then what do you do," said Gary S.

The stores say they don't know when this will be fixed. We're going to keep working on this until we get some answers.

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