Absolutely Alabama: Couple travels on unicycles to raise awareness about Syria

Absolutely Alabama: Couple travels on unicycles to raise awareness about Syria

(WXTX) - With all that's happening in Washington, the country has a lot on its plate these days. With so much going on, it can be difficult to pay any special attention to things outside the country.

Well, this week we meet a couple with a heart big enough to give despite all that -- and you can be certain, it's absolutely Alabama.

As we've driven along the back roads of our state we've seen plenty of sights. What we'd never seen was a young couple traveling across the state on unicycles.

"We are headed to the Oregon coast actually a little town called Yachats where we were married 10 years ago," said Dustin Kelm, along with his wife Katie.

You might wonder why Katie and Dustin are traveling across Alabama on a unicycle. We certainly did.

"Well, there's a all-out civil war going on in Syria right now," said Dustin Kelm. "You know? Two different groups, the government that's been in power for awhile and another group that's just you know? Tryin' to unseat them and it's just… it's wreaking havoc cause it's not just in that part of the world the civilians are just caught in the cross fire no matter what."

"Last summer we were performing over in Europe and I met a Syrian guy in his 20s and he had a young man with him or little boy that was 10 years old and that boy had just come out of Syria the week before and he had just lost both of his parents in the unrest there and it just it broke our hearts and I, I started tryin' to think what's something we can do.

"And it's a people who have you know? They've lost their homes and their businesses and just absolutely everything and we can't even begin to relate to that except for the fact that now as we're goin' across country we just have these small back packs on our back and just a little pack on our unicycles and most of the refugees are just leaving the country with the clothes on their backs.

"But we hope to just generate awareness and support and raise some support to help them out."

People are certainly aware and giving Katie and Dustin a fair share of financial support as well.

"We're a team so we travel around the world doing the using unicycles as a tool to share the hope that we found in God," said Katie.

Now the Kelms are leaving their home to ride in support of millions of refugees who have lost theirs and in the process seeing our state and our country as most of us never will.

"We've seen so many neat things and met really neat people along the way," Katie said. "People will just stop and talk to us and video us as we go by and we'll have a good chat with people."

"At the pace we're goin', we're averaging 8-10 miles an hour but you know?" said Dustin. "We're like Katie said we're meeting a lot a wonderful people and just really neat people and people that you know? That slow down their cars and they got their phones hanging out the window they're recording us as they go by they'll stop up ahead and you know? We'll stop and talk to 'em and tell 'em about the Refuge Ride Project and what we're doin' and Alabama people have been great and given us space on the roads. It's been a great state to travel through."

To Alabama from Minnesota via South Carolina and on to Oregon, Dustin and Katie are seeing our state one pedal at a time. It's a ride worth taking and it's Absolutely Alabama.

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