“Jerusalem” documentary now showing at NIM IMAX theater

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A film at the National Infantry Museum gives the audience a chance to soar above the Holy Land.

The National Infantry Museum premiered "Jerusalem" on the Patriot Park IMAX, the first theater in the southeast United States to show this unique documentary.

The film explores the intersection of science, history and religion in the sacred city.

Filmmakers were granted special permission in the region's strict no-fly zone, allowing them to capture the first-ever large format aerial images of the old city and throughout the holy land.

"It sounded very interesting, it looks visually beautiful, sounded like it would be good," said Whitney Holley, who is going to watch the film on IMAX. "I studied religion in college, so I'd like to know more about the country."

If you want to catch this flick, it has one more showing Friday 7 p.m.

It will also have showings at the National Infantry Museum's IMAX theater for several more weeks. Visit this link for more information

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