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Update on Auburn city school system’s financial state


Auburn city schools' superintendent says Alabama's fastest growing system for five years in a row remains in crisis.

Auburn voters struck down a proposed property tax increase that would have paid for a new high school last month.

Now, the system is left struggling to find space to teach students without additional funding.

It's been one month since Auburn school superintendent Dr. Karen DeLano asked voters to approve a property tax increase to fund a new $85 million high school.

"Like I said after the referendum, we are in crisis, people don't always agree with me on that, but we have more students than we have space for, and we need to provide space and I don't have money for," DeLano said.

DeLano is now focused on crafting Plan B, believing it will involve building a new school. 

"People want us to build another smaller high school and have two middle schools and two high schools," said Delano. "Some want us to build what we had planned but do it in phases so I am open to as many different options as possible."

DeLano is consulting with state school leaders and other systems for ideas on what to build and what services and programs she can cut to fund it.

"Regardless of what we do we still don't have the funding," DeLano said. "So we are looking at what to cut and that is a sad process to look at services we will not be providing to children."

"There is no fluff in our programs, we don't provide anything to children that is not valuable, so what we cut will be detrimental to our children's education," said DeLano.

DeLano is asking city leaders to review their budget as well and hopes to have a detailed plan ready after the first of the year.

DeLano says when the plan is ready sometime after the first of the year, they will hold several public meetings to go over it with the community.   

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