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EXCLUSIVE: State of Georgia investigates Lumpkin, Ga. for possibly violating state voting laws


We've learned exclusively that the state of Georgia is investigating Lumpkin.

Investigators confirmed to News Leader 9 that they are currently investigating the cities voting practices.

A Lumpkin resident said he was shocked at what he saw when he went to vote for city council. He says that local officials aren't following state voting regulations.

"There's no signage outside the building. There's no signage inside the building. There are no employees or qualified voting help inside the building," voter Woody Muller said. "No one checking ID's or handing out ballots".

The Secretary of State's office is investigating Lumpkin due to the way they are allegedly conducting early and absentee voting for city council elections.

"I've never seen voting done like this in my entire life," Muller replied.

"What do you think they're trying to do?" asked news reporter Brittany Dionne.

"You can draw whatever inference you want it would be my guess that he's trying to determine or pre-determine the outcome of the election," Muller said.

Muller also complained the person that's supposed to be supervising the election was out of town.

We spoke with Mayor Charles Gibson, he said the person that's in-charge of election voting was on vacation but he was assured that everything was running smoothly.

"According to [State] law, as long as she puts someone who has been trained in place during that time she can be absent during early voting."  Mayor Charles Gibson said.

Gibson claimed two people were left in-charge, city manager Phillip Hite and Jail receptionist Teresa.

Both declined to go on-camera but told us they were trained to conduct elections and are available during voting hours but they also have other jobs to do.

Muller said a city council member told him both Hite and Teresa told her they wanted nothing to do with the election and were not trained. We were unable to reach the council member that allegedly made that statement.

State officials are not commenting yet because the investigation is still active.

We will continue to follow this case and bring you the decision they come up with.

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