Columbus police officer arrested after allegedly assaulting restaurant employee

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus police officer was on the wrong side of the law after an altercation at a popular restaurant late Wednesday night.

Officer Brandy Griffin was arrested and charged with battery after allegedly assaulting an employee at the TGI Friday's on Whittlesey Boulevard. Griffin was released from jail Thursday evening

The police report says the victim was pushed and punched and had lacerations to the nose.

A witness who was at the restaurant eating with friends describes the incident as bizarre and shocking. She says a woman in a white hoodie came in from the bar area and walked directly over to the employee -- she says it took a minute to realize they were fighting.

"She walked across the dining room specifically to the girl and the girl just kind of turned and leaned a little and then they just got a little bit closer and then the lady with the white hoodie on just swung at her and it just escalated from that point," she recalled.

She says the manager was called over to stop the fight and told Griffin to leave or she would call the cops. Griffin said 'call them' and left shortly after.

She heard the victim tell the manager that she knew the officer – that she had come there to beat her up, and that it was all over another woman.

She said the victim's nose was bloody and appeared broken and disfigured.

We placed a number of calls to Columbus Police but they did not return any calls. We also called the victim, who declined to comment on the incident.

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