WTVM 10/25/13 Editorial: Government should run more like a business

WTVM 10/25/13 Editorial: Government should run more like a business

(WTVM) - Imagine you run a business that absolutely depends on a functioning website and superior customer service to succeed.

Many businesses are in that category.

If their websites don't work, they go out of business and the CEO loses his job.

However, if you are the U.S. government and your product is Obamacare, and the website to sell it doesn't work, nothing much happens to anyone.

In government at the federal level, if customer service is poor and the website unworkable, it's called 'unfortunate', caused by a 'glitch' and no one is really held accountable.

A business can't get – and doesn't ask – for hundreds of millions in taxpayer money to create a website that then does not work.

But when the half-a-billion dollar Obamacare website doesn't work, the government simply throws more of our taxpayer money at the problem.

The President said buying health care coverage online would be as easy as buying an airline ticket on the website 'Kayak', which compares different airlines' ticket prices.

But Kayak's website doesn't crash, and it gets millions more hits in a day than the Obamacare website.

Also, consider the case of Netflix, a video streaming company.

When they recently tried to change the prices and the way they sold movies to their customers, those customers were not happy. But the company listened and it adjusted quickly, fixing the pricing and making sure customers were happy.

That's Management 101.

We know government – and Obamacare – is not a business, and it isn't designed to be one.

But still, we think it needs to run like one with accountability, answers and hard work on the front end to make sure the customers who want and need health coverage are truly served.

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