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Lumpkin officials react to State probe


Lumpkin officials are now reacting to an exclusive story we broke here on News Leader 9.  

The Secretary of State's office told us exclusively that they are investigating the local government in Lumpkin due to their election practices.

We spoke with the person in-charge of elections today and she admits making a mistake in this election.

Lumpkin, Georgia City Clerk Marianna Williams said for 30 years she made sure elections in Lumpkin ran smoothly and has never been accused of misconduct. 

Williams left town and returned to a fire-storm of misconduct allegations by local voter Woody Muller.

Williams claimed she followed all the proper guidelines before leaving on vacation.

She said she trained two people to take over the reins while she was gone but she did admit making one mistake during this election.

"I just simply overlooked telling them to post signs. As far as him making the statement that there were ballots laying everywhere, that is absolutely not true," Williams declared.

Williams believed the voter is part of a group of people that are trying to control the election.

"This was done where they would have what they think is a valid reason to contest the election if his candidate does not win," Williams mentioned.

"Who is his candidate," Reporter Brittany Dionne asked?

"Debbie Stone," said Williams.

At the time we spoke with Williams she said she had not heard from any state officials.

She said Muller repeatedly makes calls the state on local officials and they've never been found to be in the wrong.

The state says the do not comment on opened investigations.


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