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Costume contact lenses: How to use without requiring eye surgery

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Creepy contact lenses are a great way to perfect an epic Halloween costume, but one Chattahoochee Valley Doctor is warning consumers about the permanent eye damage that can result from improper use of costume contact lenses.

Dr. Jimmy Brook of West Georgia Eye Care Center says the problem is not in the contacts themselves. Most are safe when used properly. The problems begin when people do not get eye exams to make sure the contacts are right for their eyes. The situation worsens when they don't follow proper instructions for cleaning and wearing the lenses.

"The gravest concern is that the contact can disrupt the surface of the cornea," says Brook. "Sometimes it leaves a permanent scar, particularly if it's in the center of the cornea. That can actually be repaired, ultimately, but it may require a cornea transplant, which is a major medical intervention."

According to Brook, it is against FDA regulations for retailers to sell contacts to consumers without a prescription.

"You only have one set of eyes, and even though we all want to look good and have a great time at Halloween, or for any event, it's not worth taking the chance to impair that vision for a lifetime," says Brook.

For more information, visit the Eye Health Education Essentials YouTube page.

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