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Report: Teens shared needles during biology experiment, NC teacher fired


A former high school teacher in North Carolina was fired after a hands-on lesson in the classroom resulted in a group of teen students sharing needles.

According to WRAL-TV, Miyoshi McMillan was fired after her Overhills High School honors biology students conducted an experiment on blood typing last Thursday. McMillan used a lab kit that included synthetic blood and seven lancets.

McMillan told WRAL that she allowed students to use the lancing needles to prick their own fingers. After using the needles, the students wiped them with alcohol swabs so the next class could use them.

Students who declined the blood test were reportedly given an alternate assignment, but one concerned student left class to call her parents, who then alerted assistant principals.

Harnett County Schools spokeswoman Patricia Harmon-Lewis told WRAL that every teacher in the district is instructed about the dangers of blood-borne pathogens.

"We don't want students to be, first of all, sharing a needle, and second, to have any type of human blood in the classroom," Harmon-Lewis said.

Overhills High Principal Kylon Middleton called the situation "a nightmare," McMillan told WRAL, and the first-year teacher was fired by the end of the day.

McMillan said she thinks school officials overreacted.

School officials reportedly sent letters home with every student in the classes, suggesting that parents take them to a doctor within 24 hours to have their blood analyzed.

No health issues had been reported as of Monday.

According to WRAL, McMillan is a lateral-entry teacher, meaning she has expertise in the field of biology but was still working on obtaining a North Carolina teacher's license.

She said she is now moving on from teaching and is taking classes to earn a doctoral degree.

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