Authorities save Valley suspect from drowning in Chattahoochee River

Authorities save valley suspect from drowning in Chattahoochee River

(WTVM) - Officer Blake Brown of the Valley Police Department and Lt. Johnny Wood of the Chambers Drug Task Force never thought they would be diving into the cold waters of the Chattahoochee River to save a man's life.

"When we saw he was in trouble we knew we had to help him," says Brown.

It all started as a routine traffic accident at the Capital City Bank in Shawmut around 11 a.m. Tuesday morning, when two suspects fled the scene and led police on a chase ending on 22nd avenue

The men abandoned the vehicle causing it to roll into a home on 67th Street.

Cory Hudson, 18, of Valley was immediately taken into custody, but the search was on for 21-year-old Jonathan Adams who had escaped into the woods and eventually jumped into the Chattahoochee River.

"The problem with that being he was already exhausted from this chase and trek through the woods, he was stumbling out of breath, he jumped into the river and started traversing to go across," explains Wood.

Wood and Brown said they could see Adams struggling to keep afloat and without a second thought, they dove into the Chattahoochee to save him.

"He floated almost into Georgia and got to where he couldn't even get up, he was just sitting face down on a rock with his head in the water and I managed to get over there to him and got him out of the water and told him to just relax," says Brown.

Nearly 20 minutes after Wood and Brown jumped into the water, the Swift Water Rescue Team from the East Alabama Fire Department arrived and took them to shore where Adams was arrested.

Officials say Adams was extremely thankful to the two men who had risked their own lives to save his own.

"Initially it's the guy you are trying to apprehend because some stuff, but then at that point that wasn't even in the mix, it was just somebody who was out there that was in trouble," explains Wood.

Hudson was wanted on several warrants from Lafayette and was also charged with Possession of Drug paraphernalia.

Adams was charged with attempting to elude and driving while suspended.

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