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Website can reveal a property's haunted past for curious homebuyers

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

Would you rent or buy a home if you knew someone had died in it?

If you want to know just that before you sign the dotted line there's a new website that will help you track down the history of your home.

The website is called It was created by South Carolina resident Roy Condrey.

Condrey came up with the idea of the website last year after one of his tenants told him he had ghosts in the building she was renting.

This started turning the wheels in Condrey's head and pushed him to find the history of who has lived in his rental properties in the past and if they did indeed die in them. He soon found out one of his rentals did indeed involve the death of someone.

After a year, Condrey and a friend launched

Condrey said an appraiser has told him that a death in or on a property can impact the value by 25 percent and take 50 percent longer to sell.

A local realtor said he's sold homes that have had previous deaths but they never impacted the sale by much.

Condrey said there are only three states, California, Alaska and South Dakota, where realtors have to tell you if there's been a death in a home. He said you have to ask in the remaining 47 states.

There is a $12 fee to check on the history of the home or apartment you've got your eye on.

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