For Men Only: Shave the Date for No Shave November

For Men Only: Shave the Date for No Shave November

(WXTX) - On Halloween, I decided to close the newscast in a burgundy jacket as one of my favorite journalists, Ron Burgundy, with the "Anchorman" movie sequel hitting theaters on Christmas.

Speaking of that, facial hair is all the rage these days, with Duck Dynasty and also "No Shave November" kicking off Friday.

We start with Movember, encouraging guys to grow mustaches during November to raise awareness for men's health issues.

Fox 54 and sponsors are taking part in the Movember movement with an event called "Shave the Date," happening Friday from 5 to 7 p.m. at Van Dykes for men at 103 12 Street in Columbus. Watch guys get a good shave to get ready for next month.

Then, there's No Shave November, which includes men and women, benefitting various charities. Gnarly beards and hairy legs are allowed, so go ahead, be lazy, and don't shave.

It's also a way to raise funds and awareness about combating prostate and testicular cancer, because one in six men will be diagnosed with one of those in their lifetime.

Finally, the big stars of very popular reality TV show "Duck Dynasty" have made it hip to have bushy beards and wear camouflage. Willie and Uncle Si Halloween costumes are a nationwide trend, some of the most popular this year, selling out at many stores. And the "Duck Dynasty" men have to keep their beards, under contract, for the A&E show.

Email me anytime to if you have any comments or ideas for this weekly "For Men Only" segment. And as Ron Burgundy would stay classy Columbus.

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