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Hope Beyond the Battle Conference in Columbus to inspire military spouses


The Hope Beyond the Battle Conference is taking place at Calvary Baptist Church in Columbus this weekend, Nov. 1-2, to inspire and strengthen women who are connected to soldiers and other combat veterans.

According to the event's organizers, there are plenty of resources for the veterans themselves, but the families that stay home are equally impacted by war, and need their own resources to cope with their unique challenges.

The conference focuses on wellness of mind, body and spirit for military spouses who often deal with Secondary PTSD, and Compassion Fatigue as a result of deployments. It also gives the women a change to connect with others who are having similar experiences.

Julia Warton, Executive Director of Hope for the Home Front says that when military spouses take the time to meet their own personal needs, this is actually one of the most loving and supportive things they can do for their warriors and their families.

 "We're convinced that the extent that the woman, the mom, the spouse is fortified in the home is the extent in which the family thrives, and if she's not fully supported and fortified, then I would suggest that the family struggles a little bit more than they need to," says Warton.  

About 100 women pre-registered for the conference, which began Nov. 1, and continues all day Nov. 2.

For more information, visit hopebeyondthebattle.org.

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