WTVM 11/2/13 Editorial: Crime Predictor Method

WTVM 11/2/13 Editorial: Crime Predictor Method

(WTVM) - The ability of a police department to quickly respond to a crime scene and almost immediately take subjects into custody is a dream come true for citizens and police alike. But you might think, "That never happens, unless the police are just plain lucky."

In fact, it does happen, right here in Columbus, and luck has nothing to do with it.

We applaud the Columbus Police Department for using a new crime fighting strategy that is proving immediately successful.

In the past, police patrols might randomly happen upon a crime in time to thwart the criminal, and make an arrest. But what if the patrols were not random, and instead, officers targeted known trouble areas?

And what if the time the officers spent in those areas directly coincided with statistics showing the time of day most crimes were committed?

It's a smart use of resources, and it turns out to be a winning formula for Columbus police who have recently made multiple arrests using the crime predictor method. It has even cut police response times in those areas where neighbors alert police to suspicious behavior.

That's because Columbus police have analyzed the data in a way that helps them determine not only who may be involved in a crime, but what type of offense is most likely to occur as well.

Using the crime predictor methods gives police the edge over criminals, and that means our city is safer.

Of course, the police still need us to do our duty as citizens and keep our eyes and ears open. Even in our new world of "higher tech" crime fighting, getting involved and helping police keep our neighborhoods safe is an old school method that also works.

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