Breathalyzers take over bars and restaurants in Columbus

Breathalyzers take over bars and restaurants in Columbus, pt. 2

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A new device is placed in bars around Columbus that is designed to help partygoers test their blood alcohol level. News Leader 9's Sara Lim visited the Bootleggers Bar in downtown Columbus to see how well the bar breathalyzer works.

It's in seven different countries and many states in the United States might have similar item to this new breathalyzer that is taking over bars and restaurants in Columbus and its surrounding areas. However, this specific model is only available in Columbus through the state of Georgia.

"This gives people a chance to check their blood alcohol content before they leave the bar. Some may use it for entertainment, but others want to know whether or not they should drive or find other ways to go home," Ben Kiger, the owner of breathalyzer said.

The breathalyzer started a  few years ago, but was not used by many until this year. According to the Georgia Highway Safety report, the number of D.U.I accidents continues to drop each year. In addition, this machine may be another effort to help prevent D.U.I related accidents as well.

"These machines are actually law enforcement grade," Kiger explained. "I'm hoping that it helps cut down the drunken driving accidents. It seems to happen so often nowadays."

It only cost one dollar. Megan Evans, a bartender at Bootleggers Bar said she has been seeing numerous number of customers asking about the breathalyzers.

"I think these breathalyzers will help increase our sales and bring more people in," Evans said. "They can blow into the machine to check their blood alcohol content before they leave. People think it is funny. They love trying it out."

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