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Transcript: Troy's Blakeney talks about ULM loss, looks to ULL



Good to see y'all, glad you're here. Halloween night had a tough loss; it was tough in a lot of ways. I knew that Kolton Browning being back would put them at their best. They did a great job defensively against us. We had several things that (didn't go out way). The kickoff from their 20, we end up on our 20. [ULM] had two unsportsmanlike penalties but they were only penalized one of them after the PAT. We should have returned it to midfield but we end up knocking it out of bounds on our own 20. We dropped a punt snap, which cost us tremendous field position. We had a PAT blocked, guy jumped up the middle out there and of course we had too many penalties. We had a fumble going in (to the end zone). In the heat of the battle, you can't fumble it anytime especially going in, you got to take real good care of that football.

"Very good job by them, not too good by us. We've got to find a way to put together a road plan for another Louisiana team. They're a little bit different. They struggled a little bit to get a win against New Mexico State. I think they were down 28-7 and came back and got the W. That's a sign of a good football team. They're another team in our league, just like all the teams in our league you can win or lose on any given night against any team in our conference.

"You've got to make sure that you prepare well. This is another one of those tough trips. It's an opportunity that we've got to take advantage of. It's an opportunity for them to solidify their hold on first place in the league. It's a chance for us to turn things around in the league. I told our team if we win the last two conference games, we're more than likely going to win the conference. Co-champions, whatever you want to call it, it's certainly a great opportunity for us.


"Anytime you go on the road in the fashion that we go, you've got to go feeling that you can win. I think our kids will really prepare and play hard. We're going to try and coach them up to do that."


"They've got more than one. Their offense gives them some pretty good opportunities with the running back. They do a lot of read type stuff, make you stay at home, take care of your responsibility and create some chances. They're big up front and do a good job. They have a very prolific offense. To put your finger on it, I think (Quarterback Travis) Broadway is the key along with the running game because he can make plays throwing it, they just don't ask him to a whole lot. He's a good player, it won't be just the running game, it will be having a way to stop them all the way across the board. Not only that but score points and kick well.


Now what do you think? Would you think maybe that I've discussed the penalties? Well, if I haven't it has been discussed enough by other people to suffice. But yes sir, we've discussed penalties. There are a lot of things that go into it. There is high intensity in this league. I'm not criticizing the officials, but this is the third time we've had those officials. I don't know that that's healthy, but I'm not running either side of that. I'm just trying to coach these guys by the rules that are made for us to play these games and present ourselves as good citizens and good people and abide by the law. And, the law of the land in football is enforced by the officials. You've got to deal with them, respect them. You can't do the things that when you lose your composure, that's a bad thing. We've got to deal with that.


Sure, I've talked to him. I talked to him and I talked to (Jeremy) Spikner. Would you like to know what I said? I ain't telling you.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Troy Athletics Dept.

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