(WXTX) - Pet owners are buying more than bare necessities when it comes to their pets.

According to the American Pet Product Association, people are willing to pay almost any price when it comes to caring for their four legged friends.

In fact, the pet industry continues to show resilience despite the economic crisis and APPA is even projecting a 5.1 percent increase in spending to exceed $50 billion in the coming year.

Welcome to Kingston's world.

Kingston is a rescue dog who found his owner Sunshine Veasley when he was 13 weeks old. Today at 5 years old, he is truly the "King of his Castle."

"Kingston has four fur coats, he has pugs to go with one of his fur coats, he doesn't wear those he hates them, but we do put him on the fur coats," Sunshine said. "He has his hoodies on this side and then for the warm weather he has tanks and tees."

Unlike some dogs, Kingston has his very own bedroom complete with a custom made closet for his large wardrobe and a custom made bed with his name on it in big bold letters.

"Why do so much? This is my baby," said Sunshine. "This is my baby, just like you treat your little kids. You buy clothing for your kids, you feed them. You have insurance, you do daycare. Kingston has all of that."

Besides the sweaters, shoes, coats and a television set... Kingston also flaunts bling around his neck complete with a crown that lets everyone know who's top dog.

"They think I'm crazy because really this is my baby and I treat him like a baby," Sunshine said.

This over-the-top treatment isn't surprising to some people like Kristi Parrish, who owns Dramatic Paws Pet Spa and Boutique in Columbus. The moment you walk through the door you can see it's more than just a place for animal grooming.

It's actually where the employees "work like a dog" to pamper man's best friend.

"We have spa treatments and you can add medication, fuser rinses," said Kristi. "We also do a light massage when they're getting a bath. We have a blueberry facial that is hypoallergenic for their eyes and we leave it on and it actually brightens their face and smoothes out hair on their face."

Pepper is one of those lucky dogs who frequent Dramatic Paws for a day of pampering. As you can see by her Halloween costume, she's her own dog and pony show.

"She like to dress up, she enjoys the attention," said her owner Gloria Mani.

Pepper is a rescue dog who hit the jackpot when she met Gloria. And while Gloria admits she spoils Pepper a little, it makes her happy to do it.

"When you have something as cute as she is you have to dress her up," Gloria said. "She likes it. Does it give you a thrill as well? Yes, yeah."

"This is the best industry you could possibly be in," Kristi said. "You get to love on dogs all day and this is one reason I chose this field was because they bring so much joy to everybody and that's one of the amazing parts of being able to work with dogs every day."

With 62 percent of U.S. households owning a pet, that's about 72.9 million homes.

The American Pet Products Association estimates the pet care industry raked in a staggering $52.87 billion in 2012.

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