Haunted house workers still feeling spooked with no pay

Haunted house workers still feeling spooked, no pay

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Halloween is over but some workers for a haunted house in Columbus say they're still feeling spooked.

They told WTVM their eerie feeling has all to do with the pay they didn't receive for the hours they worked at Quarantine Haunted House on Veterans Parkway.

"I am very mad, I didn't miss any days; I worked when I was sick," explained Mandy Fox.

The grandmother of two young children said she was hoping to make some Christmas money for her little ones. Fox said the owner promised to pay her $100 a day. She worked for 19 days straight from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. the next morning.

We also spoke to at least three other workers with the same complaints, and one of them said she received no pay from Quarantine.

We went to the location where Quarantine was set up, formerly the Volvo-Mercedes dealership. The new tenants, Wolf Autoworks, rented out space to Quarantine expecting to receive a percentage of the proceeds collected from the haunted house.

Monday night, Wolf managers said they had to call police to get Quarantine to vacate the property. And when they finally left, they were paid no money and now have the responsibility of cleaning up Quarantine's mess.

Quarantine's owner Gadget Jackson denies the allegations against him. He told our Roslyn Giles that he never promised to pay the workers $100 a day and some of them were volunteers.

"I know that one of the persons bringing up the complaints was one of the main people we had problems with, "stated Jackson.

When asked how many volunteers and paid workers he hired, Jackson responded, "I really can't give you an exact number."

News Leader 9 has received numerous calls from other complainants since airing the story on Tuesday. They tell us they are seeking legal advice.

As for Fox, she added, the money she made went to people she owed for transporting her to work every day and for babysitting her grandchildren while she worked, food and pampers.

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