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Kessler and Robinson sentenced to life in prison for 2012 Sands Apartment murder

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Dana Kessler and Timothy Robinson have been sentenced for the murder of Jefferey Morgan at the Sands Apartment complex in 2012.

Kessler has been sentence to life in prison with no change for parole.

Robinson has been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole plus five years of probation. The jurors believed he played a role in Morgan's death even though he did not pull the trigger.

"It's a just sentence," says Prosecutor Sadhana Dailey. "They took somebody's life, and [Morgan] was 25-years-old when they killed him."

Dailey says she believes Columbus is a lot safer now that Robinson and Kessler are off the streets.  

Kessler and Robinson were found guilty for the crime on Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013.

Last year, they fatally shot Morgan during a drug deal. The prosecutor says Morgan thought he was selling a friend marijuana, but Robinson allegedly had other plans.

Robinson allegedly set up the drug deal between Morgan and Kessler, but he says he did not know Kessler had plans to rob Morgan. Attorneys for the defendants believe the jury's decision was clouded by the inclusion of past convictions into evidence.

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