Three big problems military families face

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - On Wednesday, Congressman Sanford D. Bishop held a Military Family Summit session at the National Infantry Museum.

Congressman Bishop and Congressman John Culberson from Texas are co-chairs of the Congressional Military Family Caucus. This bipartisan group was found back in 2009 in hopes to meet service men and their families' needs.

"I truly cannot remember a time when the word 'Democrat' or 'Republican' has ever come up," Congressman Culberson recalled. "There is no distinction of parties when it comes to show support for our military. It is just not important when it comes to helping men and women in uniform."

Eighty-five members of the House and about 40 members of the Senate are involved in the Congressional Military Family Caucus.

"We had suicides, frustration with children, financial readiness issues and number of issues that impact our military," Congressman Bishop explained. "So what we need to do as Congress and as policy makers is to understand just how families are impacted so we can find solutions to problems."

Three topics were covered from the Military Family Summit meeting. Congressman Bishop and Congressman Culberson explained that they still need to help with educating military members' children, providing help for mental health issues and solving spousal employment concerns.

"Men and women in uniform can deploy with knowing that their children will receive appropriate education," explained Col (P) Leo Quintas from U.S. Army Armor School. "Health care for our military members will be provided, and their spouses will be able to receive employment. We will continue to work on these issues, and it is great to look at the success that we had so far."

While important issues for active duty members were discussed, providing carte and assistance for veterans and veteran family members were mentioned as well.

"They were important when they were in the army, and they should still be important even after they retire," Kim Dianos, a U.S. Army spouse explained. "Veterans need just as much recognition and help as they did when they were active duty."

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