Opelika Middle School students learn about local government through "mock" meeting

Opelika Middle School students learn about local government through "mock" meeting

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - Hannah Brooks is a 7th grader at Opelika Middle School who participated in a "mock" city council meeting Wednesday in the OMS auditorium.

"It was nice because it was different from reading about it in the text books because you get to really see it and makes it all more real."

Over 300 hundred OMS 7th graders have been learning about the role of government in their classes for the past several weeks, but teachers had the idea of taking the lesson a step further.

They contacted the Opelika City Council and asked them to demonstrate a mock meeting to give students a glimpse into the real world.

"As teachers the most important thing we can do to the kids is to get them to see the realism of how everyday life works. We teach a lot of things here at the school, but the one thing that can help throughout life is just how to do the day to day operations of just being a good civic participant," explains Opelika Middle School teacher, Dustin Ferguson.

City council members took that stage and presented the agenda from Tuesday meeting.

Of course, no real official city business decisions were made, but members were honored to explain the ins and outs of their jobs, hoping to inspire students to always be an active member of the community.

"It's their government and then one day we hope they'll grow up and be the mayor or council members or serve on the school board. There are a lot of opportunities for folks to serve so I'm glad we go the opportunity to do it," says Opelika Mayor Gary Fuller.

"It would be a very exciting job to have that kind of impact on my community," explains Brooks.

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