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Burglars chase dog into traffic, strangers help return to owner

Sundrop Sundrop

Burglars break into a house in Columbus and scare the family dog into the road.     

The terrified puppy ran through busy streets and took a dangerous route where it was nearly hit by cars.  

With his house burglarized Wednesday afternoon, the victim said losing his dog would have been like losing a family member. 

He wasn't as upset about his door being kicked down as he was about the thought that he may never see his dog again.  Bobby Greer came home from lunch he called out to Sundrop, one of his two Australian shepherds, but she didn't answer.  

"They're pretty much like my kids. So when she was missing, my first thought was, they took her.   And then I started hoping that maybe she ran away and would find her way home later," said Greer.  

Police found Greer's fireplace brush in the front yard and they think the burglars may have grabbed it to fight off the dogs. In the commotion, Sundrop panicked and took off down Double Churches Road. The first call Greer made was to his vet. 

"I posted it to the Fort Benning area guide on Facebook- the story of what was happening- letting everyone in the area know just to keep an eye out and let us know if they saw anything," said Britnee Fabacher, office manager of the Macon Road Veterinary Clinic.  

Sundrop was later found wandering through a neighborhood on the other side of the Interstate, which means she either ran through four lanes of fast moving cars, or went across this bridge alongside midday traffic. Martina Duncan opened the gate to her backyard and the dog ran right in.

"I said I'm going to put it in the yard because I don't want it to get run over in the street, obviously.   Then I started putting signs up and I wrote an ad on Craigslist and on Fort Benning Yard Sale," said Duncan. 

"Someone noticed it on there and had seen a Facebook post from my vet about the dog missing and put the two together and called the vet," said Greer. 

Fabacher went to the woman's house to check the dog for a microchip using a mobile scanner, and sure enough, it was Sundrop.   Both of the dogs are staying with the vet until Greer can repair the damage to his home.  

Greer said that among other items taken during the burglary, a spare set of keys to his truck are also missing. It wasn't parked in the driveway today because he was at work, so he thinks they may be planning to come back for it.

Thoughtless criminals sent a scared animal into the great unknown, but through the power of the Internet, she's been reunited with her family and is now safe at last.  

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