City of Auburn hosts second public meeting for downtown master plan

City of Auburn hosts second public meeting for downtown master plan

Auburn is known for its historic downtown which serves as a connection between the University and the city.

Downtown Auburn is now about to undergo some changes and city officials believe it's vital to get input from residents.

In August about 150 people gathered at the first Downtown Master Plan meeting and offered their insight about downtown improvements through surveys.

Thursday, the City hosted its second public meeting at the Harris Senior Center and presented the results.

"We know a lot of people visit downtown. We know they are supportive of a mixed use downtown, and that they visit downtown for a lot of different things, but there are some issues. They believe an expansion of downtown is good and parking the number one issue we've identified," says City of Auburn Principal Planner, Justin Steinmann.

The survey also reveled people don't want downtown to lose it character, but would like to see improvements in landscaping.

As the next step, participants were asked to narrow in on specific parts around town and give detailed input about parking solutions, proposed streetscape and open space improvements, and ways to encourage development that caters to Auburn's entire population.

"Everybody lives in the city so everybody is an expert on some piece of it or maybe a lot of pieces of it, so its helps us a lot to kind of harness the collective intelligence," explains Steinmann.

The next Downtown Master Plan public meeting is slated for early January.

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