"Mean moms" Facebook page bashes on babies

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Facebook hate page is not something that only teenagers make anymore. Young mothers are creating such pages as well, and they are criticizing and making fun of other parents' children.

The private Facebook page has recently been removed, but the pain the "mean moms" have caused is still affecting many victimized mothers.

The mothers posted other parents' babies and called them ugly and even compared them to cartoon characters.

Brittney Perez, a local mother in Columbus, found this private page when she found it on her newsfeed. Although she was not personally affected, she was hurt by the cruel comments these mothers had posted about toddlers and babies.

"I was shocked to see what the private group had posted," Perez explained. "They posted pictures of their friends' babies without permission, and they wrote mean comments about them."

A mother in Oklahoma named Ellen Veatch was personally affected by this incident. Her 2-year-old daughter's picture was posted on the page, and people compared her looks to Sid, a mean character from Disney's Toy Story.

"I was hurt. I was confused," Veatch told News Leader Nine. "My daughter is only two, and I posted pictures of my family members because I was proud of them. I did not understand why they said mean things to her."

Veatch said she learned to forgive these mothers, and she is glad that the page had shut down.

"I want to raise awareness," Veatch explained. "I want to make sure people are aware of cyber bullying, and what it really does to people. It hurts and humiliates your loved ones. I hope this encourages many people to not bully others online."

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