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Woman shot to death while seeking help, intruder's "fear" may exonerate him


Authorities in Detroit, Michigan are investigating the death of a teen that was shot and killed while allegedly knocking on a stranger's door.

Several media outlets are reporting the teen wrecked her car and was seeking help when the homeowner shot her in the face; well the homeowner says it was an accident.

Some are calling Renisha McBride, "Trayvon 2.0".

Police say the unidentified man responsible for taking her life told them when the 19-year-old approached his front door just before four in the morning; he feared she was going to rob him.

"Just the facts as we have heard them about this case if the shooter can articulate that he reasonably apprehended fear to the extent of his life or great bodily injury then the law may protect him.

Local Defense Attorney Shevon Thomas says there are still unknown facts about that case that make it tough to say what really happened.

"What happened? When she was knocking on the door, did she bang on it? Did she break the threshold to point that he believed that someone was trying to break in. I don't know."

Thomas says "stand your ground" laws have been around for a very long time; although, each state applies them differently.

"According to the stand is whether or not the shooter or in this case the defendant reasonably had fear," Thomas explained.

Major Julius Graham with the Columbus Police Department said people should be cautious when seeking and giving help in any situation.

Graham explained every situation is different and there's no clear advice to give to be able to tell if a home or person is safe to approach for help.

Here are some tips if your car breaks down:

~It may be a good idea to get back into the car and lock the doors. Major Graham cautioned he doesn't recommend women walking alone to get help.

~If someone stops to help, be cautious!

~If on a highway-- use a call box to request help or wait for highway patrol to drive by.

    The details of what happened the morning McBride was killed is still unknown.

    Thomas says you have to look at the environment and circumstances of every incident before coming to a conclusion.

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