WTVM 11/8/13 Editorial: Show some respect, don’t bully

WTVM 11/8/13 Editorial: Show some respect, don’t bully

(WTVM) - R-e-s-p-e-c-t – Aretha Franklin sang about it when she released her signature song in 1967.

The women's movement adopted it as their anthem... but the song's message seems especially relevant now.

Everyone is talking about the case of Richie Incognito, the Miami Dolphins player who is said to have bullied teammate Jonathan Martin.

Why can't two grown men simply respect each other?

When News Leader 9 interviewed Columbus State coaches, they strongly agreed: there is no room for bullies in sports.

And speaking of grown men -- is it really bullying when they intimidate each other? It should be called harassment and adults should know better. It's also against the law.

Bullying is all too common when it comes to children, but anyone facing harassment over 21 has legal remedies and they ought to use them.

We also believe that the recent push to protect lesbian and gay workers from discrimination is another issue of respect.

We don't need yet another federal law to protect rights… non-discrimination protections already exist.

Specific laws against firing employees simply on the basis of sexual orientation are already on the books in 21 states.

Fewer federal laws and more respect for individuals and "individuality" would go a long way toward solving many of these problems whether in the football locker room or in the workplace.

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