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Time-lapse Video: Homeless veteran gets makeover

YouTube User: RobBlissCreative YouTube User: RobBlissCreative

A group of creative stylists shot a time-lapse video of a homeless veteran getting a makeover.

The video was directed and produced by Rob Bliss.

"I am a veteran and this was probably the most inspiring and motivating video I've seen in a while. You have my money for the cause. The transformation was amazing and probably took very little time and money to change this man's life. I applaud you for your support and generosity," said YouTube user Christopher Rodriguez.

The man featured in the video is named Jim Wolf.

According to the video, for decades Wolf has struggled with poverty, homelessness and alcoholism.

In September, he decided to go through a physical transformation which soon turned into an emotional transformation.

After Wolf's makeover he was given new housing and started to attend Alcoholics Anonymous for the first time ever, according to YouTube user RobBlissCreative.

The group that put the makeover together is hoping that viewers will donate to Degage Ministries to help other homeless veterans: http://bit.ly/198hfmV

CBS Atlanta NewsJennifer Banks Spoke with Rob Bliss about his video.

Q) Where did this idea come from?

Bliss: I had the idea in the spring when I was thinking of the issue of homelessness, and what I could do to help or deliver the right message that fits in the viral video framework. I was familiar with the Dove Evolution video and I had the idea to do something like that, but for a homeless person. The video is completely natural. Photoshop was not used.

Q) How many people did it take to put this transformation together?

Bliss:  Not too many, only six people.

Q) Where did you meet Jim?

Bliss: I met Jim through Degage Ministries who thought he'd be a great fit for this project.  It started off with just getting breakfast with him to riding around in the car with him to appointments.

Q) How is Jim doing?

Bliss: He's doing remarkably better. He gets his housing very soon I'm told, and everyone has remarked on his sobriety lately. I bought him a bunch of clothes when I was with him, and people told me that in the past he would have just sold them for alcohol, but he's actually saved them and will continue to use them. His family is very hopeful and really pitching in to help make this change permanent. 

Q) How did it make you feel to be a part of a project like this?  

Bliss: Incredible. Things have been absolutely electric. The attention is great but the idea that Jim could truly be a completely changed man in the coming months is what's really incredible.

Q) What do you hope people get from this video?  

Bliss: My hopes are twofold: 1. For Jim, I hope that this opens a doorway that he didn't realize was there before, and that he walks on his own two feet through it. 2. For everyone watching, I hope that this video will give them a hesitation when they see someone who's homeless, a reminder that everyone has potential and no one is not worth saving.

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